Perl Modules

Overview of the various bespoke Perl modules and mod_perl handlers used by the system…


  • core functions and config settings


  • mod_perl handler for all /myreading/lists/ URLs


  • mod_perl handler for all /myreading/ajax/ URLs
  • generates the non-cacheable content for reading lists, e.g. live catalogue holdings info, access links, purchase options, etc


  • handles all interactions with the MyReading MySQL database and the LMS
  • uses Apache::DBI to provide persistent connections


  • for a given ISBN, DOI, etc, return details for an item by querying external databases (Amazon, CrossRef, etc)


  • functions for the rendering of a list and the items on it

The following are the various CPAN modules currently used:
- Apache::DBI (for persistent database connections)
- Business::ISBN
- Data::Dumper (for generating debug info)
- Digest::HMAC_SHA1
- Digest::MD5
- HTML::Entities
- HTTP::Date
- Lingua::EN::Numbers::Ordinate
- LWP::Simple
- LWP::UserAgent
- MIME::Base64
- Net::Amazon::AWSSign
- Storable (for temporary database caching)
- Time::HiRes (for benchmarking)
- WWW::Scraper::ISBN::GoogleBooks_Driver
- WWW::Scraper::ISBN::LOC_Driver
- WWW::Scraper::ISBN::OpenLibrary_Driver
- WWW::Scraper::ISBN::Yahoo_Driver
- WWW::SlideShare
- XML::Simple

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